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About us

About us

Hearten Biotech is the first company in Latin America dedicated to research, development and production of human and veterinary regenerative medicine.  

Hearten Biotech is a locally owned company that provides products of the latest generation with costs adapted to our reality, allowing our professionals to be pioneers in their application.

Hearten Biotech is a company formed by physicians and veterinarians who share the same vision. Much like them, our reason to exist is to serve those who need us. We defend life and we put the ethics of the healing art before commercial activity.            

Why choose Hearten Biotech?

Because our products are generated under strict biosafety standards and quality with technology and facilities equivalents to those used in the core countries. Our professionals are exclusively dedicated to this activity, they have been formed and are led by the president of the company, of vast and proven experience on a national and international level.